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Pixelated licitar hearts

This summer pix.ideja was born. It started as my little pixelated fix(ed) idea after I’d spent quite some time playing with HAMA perler beads with my kids.  Check out results at pix.ideja web site , and its FB page For now I pixelated licitar hearts and turned them into mini, midi and maxi fridge magnets and coasters. All products have specially designed packaging, so they are all dressed up and ready to become ideal gift for your loved one or keepsake of moments spent in Zagreb. Buy them in Take me home gift shop or order from pix.ideja web .
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Golden Ticket

Last week I enjoyed making something personal. The results are below. Who wouldn’t like to get chocolate with Golden Ticket that actually ensures admittance to the real Chocolate Factory. Although factory is not Wonka’s  the excitement of the lucky winner and his juniors, was as big as Charlie’s ! Here is the Croatian replica of the most famous Gold Card (those from “Charlie and Chocolate Factory”, of course). The book, the movie (the one with Johnny Depp), and even a theater performance (with our niece / cousin) are already watched , so we are all ready for some real chocolate
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Far, far ago when we didn’t have several digital photo cameras at home (to be frank we didn’t even have  a home) we shoot this home made styromen* with borrowed Olympus. Photos were used for greeting-card and packaging. and pretty white guys were packed into bags with following explanation: Snowmen – ready to use … For those skilful some work was required, so they found in their bags only the components. With instructions on packaging, off course. Snowmen – home made … Believe it or not completed packages were not photographed. That ancient 2001. official factory photographer didn’t photograph nearly
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