Golden Ticket

Last week I enjoyed making something personal. The results are below.

Who wouldn’t like to get chocolate with Golden Ticket that actually ensures admittance to the real Chocolate Factory. Although factory is not Wonka’s  the excitement of the lucky winner and his juniors, was as big as Charlie’s !

Here is the Croatian replica of the most famous Gold Card (those from “Charlie and Chocolate Factory”, of course). The book, the movie (the one with Johnny Depp), and even a theater performance (with our niece / cousin) are already watched , so we are all ready for some real chocolate action. Ceramic spoon for chocolate mixture tasting are included.

Golden Ticket - Croatian version

Golden Ticket from Little Factory of Ideas, printed on golden paper from Mueler.

This is how it all started Wonka’s Golden Ticket vs Werner’s Zlatna karta

Golden Ticket Golden Ticket - Croatian version

Special tip: Milka chocolate packaging allows easy insertion of Golden Ticket without leaving any traces, so the surprise when the Golden Ticket is spotted inside is really 100% guaranteed.

Golden Ticket in Milca Chocolate

For thouse wondering where are we really going, follow this link: Chocolate Factory Excursion.

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