EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner


Project EX.PO AUS (EXtension of POtentiality of Adriatic UNESCO Sites) is a cross-border project co-financed by the EU within the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013.


Part of Working Package 8 – Joint Cultural-Tourism Valorization of the UNESCO Sites of the Adriatic Sea was to design tourist package combining existing project promotion materials, developing new ones and to promote it on regional, national and international level.

After discussion with all project partners the decision was made to design something interactive and accessible via Internet, rather than to make just some more printed materials. That way we could  reach far more people interested in UNESCO Sites and promote them globally. Knowing that most printed promotional materials after a brief look finish as recycling materials, making a digital one makes even more sense.

So the idea about digital promotional material that help tourists plan their sightseeing routes and explore UNESCO sites that are part EX.PO AUS project was born.

EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner


Major promotional material in the package became the digital booklet EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner that can be customized online. Tourists are encouraged to visit the sightseeing planner web site where they can explore the Inter-Adriatic UNESCO sites and make their own custom sightseeing tours according to their interests. Users can choose the location they want to explore and include in their eBooklet. The main focus is the cultural heritage of the UNESCO sites – attractions and sights worth seeing. All locations are marked on the interactive map and listed with a short description and photo.



On EX.PO AUS sightseeing planner home page you can choose location you’d like to explore via:

  • dropdown menu
  • photo slider tab
  • interactive map tab

You can also find some general information about web planner and project.

sights-list sights-map


Each destination page is divided into 3 tabs:

  • basic info (short introduction text about location with few photos)
  • sights list
  • interactive map with all sights marked on it

Each attraction is represented with:

  • photo
  • address
  • opening hours
  • basic info
  • link for more info on relevant web sites

You can access those data by clicking on INFO button next to sights title.

Data is displayed in lightbox where you can browse all sights or sights from chosen category.

By clicking on + button you can add sight to your sightseeing route.



After you added everything you wonted to include in your sightseeing tour you click on MAKE ROUTE button.

When route is calculated you can manually optimize and edit your route by removing or dragging and dropping items to new location and then clicking MAKE ROUTE again.

When you are satisfied with your route you can SAVE it (in order to do that you have to sign in).

You can register with your e-mail, or sign in with your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account.


Your saved routes consist of:

  • an interactive city map with sightseeing route with chosen sights marked on it
  • estimated time for taking the route

list of chosen sights with short description, photo and links to more information on relevant web sites

Clicking on INFO button in sights list you can browse through your sights info in lightbox.

You can make and save as many sightseeing routes as you like and share them on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.



eBooklet-03 eBooklet-04


Besides saving the route in order to access it via Internet browser any time you like you can also generate eBooklet.

Once generated it consists of:

  • cover page
  • basic info about location
  • a city map with sightseeing routes with chosen sights marked on it
  • estimated time for taking the route
  • list of sights with short description and photo

Your custom sightseeing plan made with the help of EX.PO AUS planner can than be:

  • exported to pdf format and saved locally on your computer
  • printed


Download promo booklet in pdf format: EX.PO AUS-sightseeing-planner



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